Get Net Go! business web design

Get Net Go! business web design

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Get Net Go! business web design

Affordable Prices starting at £99

Get Net Go! business web design

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Affordable Prices starting at £99

Affordable Prices starting at £99
Low cost web design in Taunton Somerset

Get Net Go! business web design

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Get Net Go! business web design

Building the site

Our Web Design Services

Project phases from Initial Consultation through Site Creation
to Site Launch and Promotion

  • Client Consultation(s)
    The essential first step towards creating a good web site is consultation to determine your most important initial requirements, and gain a general idea of the way the site is intended to appear.

  • Initial draft proposal
    An initial draft proposal is then produced, intended to help finalise:
    • General layouts
    • Required number of pages & Page Titles
    • Colour schemes
    • Fonts
    • Image types, sizes & required quality etc)
    • Basic copy text (wording)
    • Contact details & methods
    • Initial links (sites of interest,
      'sister' companies or sites etc)

  • Full design & implementation
    With all main site characteristics agreed, the major part of site construction can now proceed.

    Once site construction of all site content is complete, agreement is sought before proceeding to the site launch phase.

  • Arrange Domain & Hosting
    The next step is to purchase and register the agreed Domain Name with the domain name registrars.
    eg. 'Nominet' for United Kingdom '.uk' domains.

  • Full initial Site Launch
    With the site Domain registered the actual formal launch of the site can proceed.
    Your site will now be visible by the entire global community.
    There still remain though, several more tasks to be performed before project completion.

  • Administrative setup
    Once the site is live, it will be necessary to set up email addresses, passwords, aliases and responders etc.

  • Search engine registration & submission
    Submission to search engines increases your site's profile, helping it to attract your potential visitors and customers.

    Our submissions service includes the major Search Engines and Directories, including:
      Google Google search engine  
      MSN / Bing MSN / Bing  
      Yahoo Yahoo Search  
      AltaVista Alta Vista  
      Excite Excite UK  
      Lycos Lycos UK  
      and more ...    

  • Site Linking
    Once up-and-running, site links to and from the agreed sites of interest etc. can be activated.

    These links can be beneficial in raising the site's profile, thus attracting greater numbers of visitors.

  • On-going Maintenance
    As time goes by, your site is likely to require certain amounts of updating and/or expansion.

    Regular maintenance and amendments as well as the length of time your site has been in existence, are also beneficial in raising your site's profile, to increase the traffic visiting your site.

  • On-going Search Engine Optimisation
    Further increases in site visitor numbers can be achieved by a process known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

    SEO employs a variety of techniques, including determining how your visitors came to reach your site, and planning for how you would like visitors to find your site.

    The site's detail is then carefully sculpted to reflect this information, thereby achieving an even higher profile to your target clientele.
Affordable Prices starting at £99

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Affordable Prices starting at £99
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